IVI is the new range of stainless steel taps by MINA.
Natural, balanced, on time, IVI perfectly expresses the nature of the faucet, focusing on the supply of water without further additions, and is a classic in the expressive language of contemporary design.

cartella colori e finiture acciaio inox mina

The color chart is a new promotional tool useful to complement the catalogues of the BATHROOM and KITCHEN collections. The aim is not only to show but also to let you touch the qualities of steel #minaINOX in all its finishes and variants.

Thermostats, complements and outdoor Working on a product at MINA means thinking it through in every detail from an aesthetic point of view but also and above all from a technological and functional one. That's why it happens that by dedicating ourselves to the development of shower columns and investigating the ways in which the [...]

Taps increasingly sought by the international market, for this reason, Mina has chosen to expand the POT FILLER range available in the new #Inox Kitchen catalogue.


The thin spout, the straight aerator, the continuous inclination of the lines. The tap almost extends to make the use more comfortable, particularly in built-in solutions. Like this Corsivo accompanies water towards the hands, in a complete collection where there is no lack of details on stainless steel processing, to underline the artisan vocation of the product and enhance its surfaces.


In the foreground we find grooves on the mixer and the Deep Grey Inox finish: the right combination between aesthetics and functionality for the new version dedicated to the kitchen.


The Synth freestanding options create a feeling of euphoria in the house, whether they are for shower, bathtub or washbasin.


The starting point is: water control through the tap control. It is a stainless steel cylinder enriched with incisions and grooves which allow to regulate movements.


Glass and stainless steel collide becoming matter which starts to take shape: a custom-made production meant to enrich space with vintage details of industrial taste, always keeping elegance and accuracy of MINA mood.

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